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And so it first started ...

I was first introduced to tiling back in 1998. Working for a tiling company and along side an experienced tiler learning the basics and doing all the tedious jobs. Yep, all the stuff to instantly put you off wanting to be a tiler. To be honest I was sick of grouting after a month! However, when I started to actually put tiles on the wall, it was only then I started to appreciate how the grouting finished the job, and this in its self is a skill.

Going it alone ...

I continued to work for a tiling company for 6 years on all sorts of projects, gaining different skills with different forms of tiling. Working on construction sites, new housing, commercial sites, hotels, schools, hospitals, and private houses. 

After 6 years I was asked privately if I would tile 6 big detached houses, I took this opportunity to go self-employed which I did and I’ve never looked back. Over time I’ve build up a good reputation for my work and reliability. This in turn has resulted in me tiling for some high profile people in London, Surry, Sussex and Kent.

As ageing always catches up with us all, I decides to move from the fast pace of life which I had in Kent to a much slower one in Suffolk a couple of years ago.

Attention to detail ...

Tiling like many other trades has its good and bad tradesmen. I naturally have an eye for detail, and if something doesn’t look right, it needs addressing. I’ve seen some tiling jobs where it ‘looks ok’ but they could look so much better. Unfortunately, these substandard jobs go unnoticed until something fails. This maybe just a year or so down the line when it’s too late to do anything about it, then, it becomes a costly error.

Pride and pleasure ...

I take pride and pleasure in my work whilst providing a personalised service, treating each one as if it were in my own home. In my time of tiling I’ve worked with the tiniest of mosaics to 4ft square tiles. I’ve tiled kitchens, bathrooms/wet rooms, hallway floors, cloakrooms, conservatory floors, floors of all shapes and sizes, swimming pools, external and internal stairs, the list is endless. Therefore, I will leave you with this thought …..

With twenty years of fixing tiles behind me, I’ve handled enough tiles to cover at least 7 acres of land! That’s approximately three and a half Wembley football pitches!

And so it continues ………..

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